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GMES proposal for a programme Regulation

We are facing a huge economic crisis which consequences are without precedent. Investment in innovation is at this stage crucial especially in regard with the effects of climate change we will have to face.

GMES, Space Research and Development: pubblicato: Thu, 28 May 2009

At the same time, OECD tells that the world market for Earth Observation commercial date which was $ 735 millions in 2007 has the potential to raise to around $ 3 billions in 2017. The European Union is contributing to the development of this innovative sector. Therefore the European Commission agreed today on a proposal for a programme regulation for GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security)

GMES was an initiative mainly organized in its initial development phase thanks to research activities financed by EC (through Framework Programme 7) and ESA. This new financing of EUR 150 millions from the European Commission is bringing GMES into an initial operational phase. It is the first concrete step towards the sustainability of the programme.

It will ease the development of innovative services and make possible efficient accompanying measures for private sector and provide continuous data on the effects of a changing world. This availability of environmental information is the key factor to understand the evolution of climate change so that we can observe our planet for a safer world