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GMES Masters Online Audience Selects SRRS as Best Service 2011

The winning service of the first GMES Masters Best Service Challenge performs real-time processing of satellite data making it instantly available for users and researchers who need to respond quickly in emergency situations. From 25 services, the audience chose SRRS – Satellite Rapid Response System as the most beneficial services for European citizens.

The Best Service Challenge was launched as one category of the first European Earth Monitoring Competition, the GMES Masters 2011, as an online audience award. 25 existing services have been uploaded to the GMES Master’s website from various service providers. All visitors of had the opportunity to register and vote for the service they regarded most beneficial for European citizens. A clear majority chose SRRS – Satellite Rapid Response System with a total of 559 public votes. The emergency service was submitted by Luca Mellano from the Italian company CHELYS.

SRRS was created to make satellite data in form of images or value-added products available as quickly as possible to be used in response to emergency situations. The system performs real-time processing of satellite data from ESA and NASA missions, making these data available only two minutes after acquisition. SRRS’ strength is instant availability: raw data are processed without waiting for them to become higher level products, meaning no reliance on processing times in reception centres, and thereby enabling instant access to images and data for users and researchers on any type of client such as mobiles, PCs or tablets.

About the GMES Masters:

From 2011 onwards the GMES Masters will reward on an annual basis the best projects and business ideas for a GMES commercial service, with the aim to support the development of GMES related entrepreneurship in Europe. Initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), T-Systems, and supported by the EU, the GMES Masters 2011 has called for proposals between 1 July and 15 September 2011 in five categories. The overall winner of the competition – the GMES Master 2011 – will be selected among the winners of the Ideas Challenge, ESA App Challenge, DLR Environmental Challenge, and T-Systems Cloud Computing Challenge and receive a cash prize of 20,000 Euro.

The winners of the first European Earth Monitoring Competition will be awarded on 19 October and the results published on the competition website on 20 October 2011.

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