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GMES Marine Monitoring

A description of the products and services developed by the MyOcean project is now available online

MyOcean is the EU FP7 Research Project responsible for the development of the GMES Marine Monitoring Service.

MyOcean develops upgraded European capabilities for reference marine information and provides a wide range of key ocean indicators such as temperature, salinity or currents in oceans and seas.

In cooperation notably with national metrological services, the European Environment Agency and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), MyOcean undertakes the pre-operational validation of the GMES Marine Service. The project also aims at proposing a governance structure for the GMES Marine Service.

The products and services developed by MyOcean are described in a “Product / Service Porfolio” document which is available for dowloading on this website.

“Download MyOcean “Product / Service Porfolio” document”:

Source Gmes.Info