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GMES Land products developed in Geoland2

Requirements and examples of products for analysis at a European and regional level. The video and slides available.

Has been held last november during ASITA 2011, the main Italian geospatial event, the first of a series of workshops dedicated to the dissemination of some of the Geoland2 activities. Promoted by Planetek Italia and ISPRA the event has also focused on related projects legacy over the Italian territory.

Geoland2 project aims at developing and demonstrating a range of reliable, affordable and cost efficient European geo-information services, supporting the implementation of European Directives and their National implementation, as well as European and International policies.

Invited Speakers:

  • GMES Initial Operation on Land Monitoring 2011-2013
    Ana Maria Ribeiro de Sousa – EEA European Environmental Agency
  • GMES as an opportunity for the development of Geomatics in Italy
    Valter Sambucini – ISPRA – Italian Representative at GMES Regulation USER FORUM
  • GMES downstream products at a regional level. The Land use map of Veneto Region
    Massimo Foccardi – Regione del Veneto – Unità di Progetto SIT e Cartografia
  • Geoland2 products for land monitoring and analysis: the Urban Atlas and the 5 thematic HR layers for the CORINE LAND COVER programme
    Daniela Iasillo – Planetek Italia – Geospatial Application Unit manager

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