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GMES Atmosphere Monitoring

A description of the products and services developed by the MACC project is now available online.

MACC is the EU FP7 Research Project responsible for the development of the GMES Atmosphere Monitoring Service.

MACC monitors the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere and predicts regional air quality. It provides data that are critical to the understanding of climate and
to the improvement and validation of the computer models that are used to predict climate change. It also provides information important for the protection of health and for the efficient exploitation of sources of renewable energy.

MACC monitors the distributions and long-range transport of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, aerosols that result from both natural processes and human activities, and reactive gases such as tropospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide. It provides global forecasts of reactive gases and aerosols, as well as detailed forecasts and assessments of air quality in Europe. It also provides records and forecast for stratospheric ozone, UV radiation and solar energy.

The products and services developed by MACC are described in a “Product / Service Porfolio” document which is available for dowloading on this website.

Download MACC Product / Service Porfolio document