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Global Water Bodies product released

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service releases a new product: We’re pleased to announce a new product in our portfolio, a global Water Bodies detection product (known as Version 2). The product is provided in Near Real Time and is a backprocessed since January 2014 onwards, so nearly 2 years of data are available.

The product contains a water bodies (WB) detection layer (at 1km spatial resolution) and a quality information (QUAL) layer, providing information on the occurence of the detected bodies over time. The PROBA-V derived Water Bodies V2 product is provided at global scale in demonstration mode. The quality assessment report shows a good accuracy on omission errors (<10% for pixels with a Water Surface Ration larger than 95%) and an acceptable commission accuracy (~20%) across the globe.

More information can be found at

The Water Bodies V2 product is currently being tuned to work on the SPOT-VGT dataset to provide a full time-series from 1998 onwards in 2016.