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Gisat leads TLCC project

TLCC project aims to create the automated land cover classification methodology.

Gisat, Czech leader in remote sensing applications coordinate the TLCC project aiming to create the automated land cover classification methodology. Having on board partners experienced with land cover classification activities both on European and the New Independent States (NIS) level, the Technology of Land Cover Classification (TLCC) project aims to create the standardized, well-documented and formalized model and technology for automated land cover classification. More it aims develop model ensuring classification robustness and guarantee compatibility and quality of land cover production. In order to achieve these objectives, the TLCC project has to investigate the number of fundamental research issues present both at the level of multi-purpose land cover nomenclature specification, class model classification definition as well as practical implementation of such models. In particular, the project will focuse on development and implementation within the OBIA approach framework.
Technology of the Land Cover Classification (TLCC) creation is carried out according to the National Space Program of Ukraine as part of Ukrainian GMES segment. More, the Ukraine national technical committee of standardization is aiming to introduce TLCC as the Ukrainian land cover mapping standard. The project outputs will contribute also into the European GMES land monitoring programme.
Consortia partners include GISAT – Czech Republic (lead), Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS) – Denmark, Dniprocosmos State Company (DSC) – Ukraine, Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth (CASRE) – Ukraine, IBA – Ukraine and United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP) – Belarus.
TLCC project is supported by National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU), CNES and by INTAS – The International Association for the Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the New Independent States (NIS) of the Former Soviet Union. INTAS is an independent International Association formed by the European Community, European Union Member States and like-minded countries to promote East-West scientific co-operation between INTAS members and INTAS-NIS partner countries.
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