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Gisat and ETC-LUSI

Gisat is a member of the winning ETC-LUSI consortium in a recent EEA tender

The company was named as one of the key member of the European consortium that won in a prestigious tender recently launched by the European Environmental Agency (EEA)
Gisat experts have been involved for more than a decade in European land cover mapping (CORINE Land Cover programme run by EEA) and various LC/LU data applications including land accounting and indicator development. In 1997-2000, Gisat was a leader of EEA PHARE Topic Link on Land Cover, in 2001 – 2006 it was a member of EEA European Topic Centre on Terrestrial Environment (ETC-TE) and since 2007 it is a member of EEA European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information (ETC-LUSI).
ETC-LUSI is an international consortium assisting the European Commission and the European Environment Agency in their attempts to achieve sustainable development and to improve European environment. This process involves the European Information and Observation Network (EIONET), in which 33 countries are participating, and other main stakeholders. ETC-LUSI includes a valuable expertise in Europe to handle data in its topic area, and to analyse the environmental data with regards to developments in society and the economy and with regards to environmental and sectoral policies covering the full geographical area of EEA member countries.
The ETC-LUSI is an international consortium composed by 10 organisations from 9 different EU Member States building a bridge between the research and the policy and decision making community. This consortium is led by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) from Spain, UAB was also leading the former European Topic Centre on Terrestrial Environment (ETC-TE), being the new ETC-LUSI the continuation of this consortium work that have been done during last years.
More information can be found at ETC-LUSI web site.
(Source Gisat)