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Gisat serves the Nordregio webmap needs

Gisat has been selected by Nordregio for development of the MapEx Web Mapping Platform. The project will result in the implementation of a dynamic online web-mapping platform for Nordregio’s web.

The platform will provide an engaging user experience to end users, thereby making Nordregio spatial data, analyses and research results more accessible and policy relevant.

Nordregio is a leading international Nordic research institute in the broad field of regional studies. The institute undertakes strategic research with the aim of producing informed and relevant material for decision-makers at the international, national and regional levels. As one of its core competencies, Nordregio also contributes to knowledge on regional development dynamics in the Nordic, European, Baltic Sea Region and Arctic contexts through the mapping of spatial and territorial data and undertaking of spatial analysis using statistics and GIS.

Gisat’s assignment follows the company’s previous successful web implementation cases utilizing internal “WebTool” framework, e.g. for World Bank or ESPON. Gisat, a vibrant geoinformation insight provider, delivers both integrated information content and innovative web-based exploration and analysis systems tailored for specific user domains.

Gisat provides wide range of geoinformation services based on Earth Observation technology. It focuses on operational application of satellite mapping to monitor various aspects of our environment and development of dedicated web based platforms for geoinformation analysis and assessment Web // E-mail // Tel:+420 271741935 // Fax: +420 271741936