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Gisat presented at the MARS PAC conference

Landscape Features Extraction

During the annual Joint Research Centre conference “Geomatics in support of the CAP” held at the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid (12th-14th November 2007) Gisat has presented the results of the studies focused on semi-automated extraction of Landscape Features from VHR satellite data.

Preservation of Landscape Features represents one of the main priorities of the European and national agro-environmental policy. The importance of Landscape Features for ecological stability and the impacts of the intensive agriculture production lead to the urgent need to map the current situation and to the continuous monitoring.

The approach of object-oriented fuzzy logic classification (e.g. Definiens software solutions) represents an effective way how to extract certain types of Landscape Features with the subsequent analysis of their typology, spatial distribution, size, number and other parameters.
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