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Gisat is a member of the team providing pre-operational security mapping services.

The G-NEXT (GMES pre-operational security services for supporting external actions) is a project in the Copernicus security context under the Seventh Framework Programme.

G-NEXT follows on its GMES security and emergency precursors G-MOSAIC and SAFER. The service will provide geospatial products supporting intelligence, early warning and crisis management operations responding to man-made or natural disasters. The target user community will include main actors and stakeholders involved in the context of EU Missions and Operations in support of EU External Actions: European External Actions Service (EEAS), national ministries and institutions and international institutions such as UN bodies.

The products are pre-operationally delivered either in rush (rapid), non-rush or monitoring mode. Thus wide range of crisis phases are covered by rich service products portfolio: pre-crisis phase and prevention (contingency plans, reference mapping), phase immediately after the event (event mapping, crisis area mapping, critical assets), and the post-event phase (damage assessment, monitoring mode). The project started on January 1st, 2013 and will run for 27 months. The project consortium involves 15 partners under the lead of e-GEOS.

Gisat contributes both in rush and non-rush mode by its proven capacity in EO data processing, semi-automatic feature extraction and satellite image interpretation. It follows up and build-ups on previous mapping activities carried out within emergency response RESPOND, SAFER and security G-MOSAIC projects.

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