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Gisat has won national CwRS tender for the control of agricultural subsidies.

Gisat has been contracted by the Czech State Agricultural Intervention Fund to deliver services related to remote sensing control of agricultural subsidies in the Czech Republic in 2014.

The control is done according to the EU guidelines using high resolution and very high resolution satellite imagery. Selected subsidy schemes and environmental measures are subject of the control. The contract covers the whole control process: orthorectification and processing of the satellite and airborne data; photo-interpretation of satellite and aerial images with the use of LPIS data; database processing of the results and final map compilation. The project also includes providing of consultancy services related to the on-the-spot control implementation and cross-compliance issues.

The winning of this prestigious tender confirms our leading position among the national EO based service providers. At the same time it will allow us to continue in close collaboration with the Czech administration in the domain of agriculture monitoring with remote sensing.