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Gisat contributes to the development of decision support systems to exploit information based on EO imagery

The DREAM project aims to define and prototype the operations concept for Decision Support and Real Time EO Data Management.

DREAM contributes to the evolution of standards and technologies needed for Earth Observation data identification, feasibility analysis of satellite acquisitions, product ordering and online Earth Observation product access and delivery. The principal objective of the project is to address the technology, architecture and G/S interfaces needed to streamline the planning, ordering and access to ESA and Third Party Earth Observation Mission for two identified institutions: EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) and EUSC (European Union Satellite Center).

The DREAM prototype shall:

  • Support the EUSC and EMSA business scenarios related to feasibility analysis, ordering and on-line data access of coverages.
  • Demonstrate dynamic data transfer of EO data from the PDGS to these institutions decision support systems.
  • Define the technical interfaces between the components.
  • Propose the interface to be exposed by the Sentinel 1 and 2 mission planning components to ensure future compatibility and “pluggability” of these services in the DREAM architecture.
  • Ensure data integrity and traceability of quality and accuracy metadata throughout the data transfer process.

The ESA GSTP project is led by SPACEBEL as prime contractor and the consortium consists of 12 additional partners from 8 European countries.

Gisat is responsible to develop the NRT (Near Real Time) cloud-mask generation system that will be implemented to allow feasibility analysis in the Feasibility Analysis System and cloud masking functionality in Reference Coverage Server to fulfill the update strategy.

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