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GIM distributes the new Definiens version 5 Object Oriented image processing software

Image processing has entered a new era with the object oriented approach.

The concept behind Definiens is that important semantic information necessary to interpret an image is not represented in single pixels, but in meaningful image objects and their mutual relationships.
While only spectral aspects can be used when classifying pixels, working with objects, as offered by Definiens, allows incorporating shape, texture and environmental factors to classify satellite imagery and aerial photography.
GIM offers the following product:
Definiens Professional Earth 5 provides segmentation and extended classification functionality. In version 5, processes replace protocols offering extended possibilities for development, editing and execution of Image Analysis Routines. It offers improved algorithms for segmentation and classification of images and fusion of objects (e.g. Quadtree & Chessboard Segmentation, possibility to reclassify objects that are enclosed by a certain class, simple processing loops). Furthermore, the assignment of aliases is improved for a better transferability. Finally, thematic layer insertion and manual editing were extended for a better classification.
Furthermore, GIM is proud to offer you Definiens related services:
• On-request Definiens training course
• Improving the efficiency of your mapping processes
• Interpretation and automated classification of your aerial and satellite images;
• Urban Green products using Definiens;
• …
Definiens Professional Earth 5 is a Definiens product
To request additional information on the software, a demo licence or an offer, please contact us via
or give us a call on +32 16 40 30 39
(Source GIM and Definiens)