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GIM Training

The GIM GIS Training Centre offers you training to match your needs.

Thematic or hands-on training, basic or advanced, open calendar or bespoke training, at our premises or elsewhere, the choice is yours.

Go for the training that suits you best:

  • Open calendar collective training in small groups for maximum knowledge transfer and optimal interaction between trainer and trainee.
  • Bespoke training starting from your specific training needs, the course content is determined by taking into account the knowledge and the required skills of the trainees. You have maximal participation in the topics to be treated, target audience, planning, language and location for the training.
  • Trainng on the job are you looking for individual coaching on a specific GIS topic or GIS software? Ask for the possibilities of on-site coaching by GIM’s specialists.

Our comprehensive training programmes is the fruit of our product independence and years of GIS experience in various applications.
The GIM trainers are all enthusiastic highly experienced GIS professionals, giving our courses a broad practical basis.
Existing training programmes are constantly updated and new topics are added as the GIS landscape evolves and new technologies and application domains become important.

For land surveyors our whole trainingsprogram is applicable for half of the training hours in the frame work of permant education, because GIM is recognised as training centre for land surveyors by the Federal Council.

Visit our training news page regularly to stay informed about extra training courses or other training related news.

Example Training …

2010/01/19 – Introduction to FME
2010/01/21 – Quantum GIS
2010/01/26 – Introduction to GML
2010/01/28 – Intro to Open GIS Webservices
2010/02/02 – Getting started with GIS
2010/02/04 – GIS for local governments
2010/02/09-11 – MapInfo Basis
2010/02/15-16-17 – eCognition Essentials
2010/02/18-19 – eCognition Rule Set
2010/02/23-25 & 03/02 – ArcGIS Basis
2010/03/04 – MapInfo Adv 1 Data creation
2010/03/09 – MapInfo Adv 2 Data analysis
2010/03/11 – ArcGIS Adv 1 Geodatabase
2010/03/16 – ArcGIS Adv 2 Visualisation
2010/03/18 – ArcGIS Adv 3 Editing
2010/03/23 – ArcGIS Adv 4 Querying
2010/03/25 – ArcGIS Adv 5 Geoprocessing
2010/03/30 – ArcGIS Adv 6 Rasters
2010/03/31 – INSPIRE Directive
2010/04/01 – PostGIS Open Source

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From overview to … insight
An image says more than a thousand words.
GIM offers you the key to geographical data. With solutions and bespoke services and the most appropriate software for your specific situation.
GIM specialises in services in geographical information systems, information technology and earth observation and sets itself apart with its software independence.