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GIM signed new partnership agreements with SI Imagery Services and InterMap

(27 March 2017) GIM extends its satellite imagery portfolio with SI Imagery Services (KOMPSAT) and InterMap’s Digital Elevation Models.

SIIS: unique acquisition possibilities for tropical regions

GIM recently signed a distribution agreement with SI Imaging Services (SIIS). SIIS is the exclusive provider of the KOMPSAT series of satellites: the optical very high resolution KOMPSAT-2 (1 m), KOMPSAT-3 (70 cm) and KOMPSAT-3A (40 cm) and the radar satellite KOMPSAT-5.

The big advantage of KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT-3A is that they allow image acquisition in the early afternoon, while almost all other remote sensing satellites only acquire imagery in the morning. For tropical regions in the world where it is often cloudy in the morning, but where the sun breaks through the clouds as the day evolves, these sensors provide unique acquisition possibilities at 40 to 70 cm resolution.

InterMap Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

GIM recently entered into a distribution agreement with InterMap , provider of a range of Digital Elevation Models. Elevation data can be used to visualize your area of interest in 3D, or to orthorectify satellite imagery.

InterMap’s flagship product is called“NextMap” and provides affordable 5 m resolution elevation models over the US and Europe. Their range also includes the World 10 and World 30 products, elevation data at 10 m resp. 30 m resolution available worldwide. All these products are “off-the-shelf” and can be made available very quickly.

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