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GeoVille group – transforming images into intelligent geoinformation

Dr. Christian Hoffmann, general manager and founder of GeoVille: “GeoVille, is established as one of the European quality providers in the production of land cover information from satellite and aerial photography data. Our mission to attain innovative and outstanding geo-information products has been recently recognised by the GMES Innovation Award, selected by a board of ESA, EC, and Definiens reviewers. Through GeoVille’s Luxembourg subsidiary we are currently providing in-depth environmental expert support to customers such as the European Environment Agency. The combination of leading edge land monitoring technology with environmental knowledge provides truly integrated geo-information products – an asset only a few companies in the market can share. This is an excellent basis to serve our customers within GMES as well as in our markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America”.

GeoVille group
GeoVille group is a private sector enterprise located in Austria and Luxembourg.
GeoVille Information Systems GmbH is based in Innsbruck and specialises in products and services related to Earth Observation (EO) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications.
The fully owned subsidiary in Luxembourg, GeoVille Environmental Services sàrl was founded in 2007 and specializes on environmental applications using GIS and EO data.
GeoVille offers services in the following fields:
• EO data processing
• GI operations
• Geodata provision and distribution
• Environmental applications
• Management and consultancy
The main thematic domains regarding EO and GIS applications comprise land use and land cover mapping; urban, regional and spatial planning; forestry; infrastructure applications; cartography and consultancy.

We see our mission as to provide turnkey solutions for efficient spatial data management and analysis.
At GeoVille, we know that success in the rapidly advancing field of remote sensing requires not only adequate technical infrastructure, but also profound understanding of the relationship between customer demands, fields of application and available technology — that is exactly what we have to offer.
• understand today’s and tomorrow’s customer geo-information requirements
• meet requirements with “excellent value for money” geo-information services, products and solutions
• supply affordable and quality controlled geo-information with known levels of precision
• stand at the forefront of remote sensing, GIS and ancillary information integration into high-end applications
• put customer satisfaction at the centre of attention thereby attaining leadership in “end-to-end” geo-spatial applications
Applications – transforming images into intelligent information

• Land Cover Mapping
Millions of square kilometres mapped in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America
• Urban & Regional Planning
Successfully served city and regional administrations in three continents
• Spatial Planning
European leader in using satellite data for spatial planning applications
• Forestry
Terabytes of aerial photographs mapped with automated interpret-ation services
• Infrastructure
Service roll-outs to telecom companies, consulting engineers and transport operators
in four continents
• Cartography
Map making services provided to costumers in 35 countries
• Consultancy & Promotion
World-wide service delivery to international organisations and private industries

Team and facilities
Our team has experience and expertise in managing and executing national and international projects. At present, GeoVille is employing a staff of more than 20 experts and consultants graduated in Earth sciences and Informatics from universities in Austria, Germany and the United States. Key emphasis is on remote sensing and GIS. All of our staff members are holding MSc grade or equivalent, and 30% a PhD title.
We use leading edge GIS (ESRI) and image processing software (PCI, ERDAS, eCognition) and provide consultancy, processing and development capabilities for software components from major GIS and remote sensing software vendors.
GeoVille in GMES – we are actively engaged with stakeholders to build a common European geo-information market
GeoVille has been playing a key role in GMES services for land applications, related to both land cover production as well as downstream services in the urban and spatial planning domain.
GMES Fast Track Precursor
GeoVille is member of the consortium that has been selected to carry
out the European Fast Track Precursor on urban areas and soil sealing
for 38 European countries. GeoVille is responsible for production of 12
countries and acts as scientific and thematic expert advisor to the
GSE Land Information Services
In the project GSE Land Information Services funded by ESA, GeoVille is
task manager on the “Impervious areas and sealing levels” and
responsible for service implementation in 10 European countries. The
project delivers cost effective geo-information services for urban
areas, which are harmonised and standardised for cross-border
GeoVille participated as programme manager of the Spatial Planning
Observatory in the EU funded Integrated Project geoland. The ambition
was to develop and demonstrate a range of reliable, affordable and cost
efficient European geo-information services, supporting the
implementation of European directives and their national implementation.
In the EU funded project BOSS4GMES GeoVille collaborates with partners
to link GMES service providers, with key political decision makers, a
broader sphere of users and the wider public.
GMES Network of User
GeoVille will also participate in the GMES Network of Users (GNU). The
coordinated action is closely linked to already existing networks of
users of environmental data, including EEA Eionet, the GEO User
Interface Committee and the User Group on Land Monitoring supported by
geoland and GSE Land.
GeoVille projects
Operational project services outside the GMES and research and technological development funding scheme represent the core of GeoVille’s activities. Such services amounted in 2006 to more than two-third of the turnover.
Concerning value adding services for institutional clients in the public domain, a series of applications using space and airborne data in the fields of spatial planning, forestry, traffic and environmental monitoring were carried out. Customers were ministries, state governments, the European Commission, United Nations and the World Bank. Among private customers RedBull has to be mentioned with the delivery of special imaging services to provide coverage of the Air Races. Additionally clutter maps were provided to radio communication planning operators in Austria, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Slovakia and South Africa.

Reference Customers
International Organisations National Authorities Private Companies
• European Union (DG’s, Units, Programmes) in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain
• European Space Agency (ESA) in France and Italy
• United Nations and United Nations Office for Project Services in Austria, Malaysia, USA
• World Bank, USA
• Institute for Applied System Analysis, Austria
• Federal Ministries of Forestry, Environment, Spatial Planning and Transport (worldwide)
• Municipalities and Town Planning Institutes (worldwide)
• Regional Administrations of Forestry and Spatial Planning (worldwide)
• Federal Institutes and Research Centres (Europe)
• National Remote Sensing Centres (Asia and Africa)
• Consulting firms
• Telecommunication firms
• Solar companies
• Airpilot simulator companies
• Transport and infrastructure firms
• Television companies
• Edutainment companies
GeoVille highlights in 2007
• GeoVille is member of the consortium that has been selected to carry out the European Fast Track Precursor on urban areas. Responsibilities include production of 12 countries and as well as thematic and scientific advisory.
• Jürgen Weichselbaum, Technical Director of GeoVille receives Definiens GMES Innovation Award
• General Manger of GeoVille, Christian Hoffmann appointed to EARSC Board of Directors
• Christian Hoffmann, founder of GeoVille introduces GMES to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
• GeoVille becomes full partner of the European Topic Centre for Land Use and Spatial Information
• Implementation of image fusion method – developed by the Head of GeoVille’s consulting group Ute Gangkofner – in Erdas Imagine 9.0
• Lutz Petrat of GeoVille responsible for beta-testing of Erdas Imagine IFSAR module
• GeoVille signs data distribution agreement for TerraSAR-X
• Foundation of GeoVille Environmental Services sàrl in Luxembourg with Stefan Kleeschulte as Managing Director
(Source GeoVille Group)