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GeoVille will carry out 3 GMES Initial Operations (GIO) Land Monitoring Services 2011-2013

GeoVille’s mission is to offer cost-effective, high quality end-to-end Earth Observation (EO) solutions, with particular emphasis on land monitoring. Recently awarded by EEA to carry out 3 of the 6 GIO Land Monitoring Services LMS, the company has solidified its heritage as a top performing provider of land related remote sensing services in Europe.

The Global Monitoring of Environment and Security (GMES) programme has entered its Initial Operation (GIO) phase (2011 to 2013). As part of the GMES Work Programme, the initial operations will start with the production of 5 High Resolution pan-European Layers (HRL), with specific land cover characteristics. The service provision was recently tendered out by EEA and divided into 6 lots.

GeoVille was selected to provide service provision for a total of 3 lots. As a prime it will produce the imperviousness (sealing degree) and forest layer in Southern Europe, partim East Mediterranean region (Lot 5, Turkey, 783.562 km²). As a subcontractor, it will produce the imperviousness layer for northern Europe (Lot1, 1.452.275 km²) in a consortium led by Metria AS and part of the imperviousness and forest layers in Southern Europe, partim West and Central Mediterranean region (Lot 4, 1.202.046 km²) in a consortium led by Planetek SRL.

Leading role of GeoVille in EU Land Monitoring

The GIO services have been subject to a very competitive bid, with all major European Earth Observation (EO) service companies participating. GeoVille’s success is build upon subsequent activities and performances in the EEA CORINE and High Resolution Layer productions, the EC geoland projects, the ESA GSE Land Information Services, as well as commercial roll outs of land cover/use mapping projects at regional and national scale throughout Europe. Specifically, the land cover production heritage of GeoVille in Turkey, the Mediterranean region and the northern European countries have contributed positively to EEA’s evaluation.

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GMES High Resolution Land Cover – Degree of Imperviousness (2009)
Test product for Lot 5 (Turkey) – 20m x 20m spatial resolution, national projection

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GeoVille Group is a private sector enterprise located in Austria and Luxembourg. GeoVille Group specialises in products and services related to Earth Observation (EO) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications.

GeoVille is Europe’s leading company in using satellite data for land monitoring and spatial planning applications.

Our services provide the bridge from user needs to technical implementation – merging geospatial explicit data with statistics – to the analysis of what on-going processes and trends mean for real world applications.

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