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Geoville News

News about project on nature, biodiversity and land use, LISA or GMFS

GeoVille maps featured in Wall Street Journal (13/01/2011)

GeoVille maps produced with satellite technology and depicting the extent of the oil spill following the Deepwater Horizon explosion were featured in the Wall Street Journal.

European Commission project on nature, biodiversity and land use awarded to GeoVille (29/12/2010)

The Directorate General on Environment of the EC has awarded a project entitled “Integrating nature & biodiversity and land use data” to GeoVille. Project partners are GeoVille Information Services, GeoVille Environmental Services, the Czech Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection (ANCLP) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

LISA goes public (24/11/2010)

On November 22nd, the results of the first phase of the Land Information System Austria (LISA) were presented to experts in the course of an ÖROK event and the possibilities for an Austrian wide roll-out were discussed.

In reflection to this presentation, a newspaper article was published in the “Special Research” edition of “Der Standard” of 11/24/2010, summarizing the project goals and results.

GMFS Soil Moisture Processing Chain Operational (12/11/2010)

Since October 2010 GeoVille is operationally providing Soil Water Index (SWI) products, derived from MetOp ASCAT, for entire Africa on a daily basis to the Global Monitoring for Food Security project of ESA.

The SWI products also provide the basis for the development of indicators for Early Warning Services. The developed indicators target food security assessments and will be provided to the user community in the form of end-to-end GIS tools, allowing targeted analyses.