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GeoVille and Corine

GeoVille supports CORINE land cover implementation in the West Balkan countries

GeoVille Group is formed of Austrian and Luxembourg based service companies specialising in geoinformation, earth observation and environmental applications.

Since mid 2007, GeoVille is Europe’s leading “SME” in the field of satellite based land monitoring applications and has been rewarded with the “Definiens-GMES-Award” for innovative land cover mapping applications.

In the second half of 2007 GeoVille Environmental Services Sàrl signed a contract with the European Environment Agency to implement CLC2006 in the West Balkan countries. GeoVille is responsible for project management and implements together with two European Topic Centre partners the training, verification and acceptance of the CLC2006 update for Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The interpretation of land cover changes in Albania is performed by GeoVille Information Services GmbH in collaboration with local experts.

For the first time ever CORINE will be complemented by a high resolution urban layer based on SPOT-MS and IRS-LISS data covering 38 European countries. In this pan-European land cover mapping project GeoVille is responsible for mapping 12 countries, for training the consortium partners and acts as thematic and scientific advisor to the consortium.