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An advanced technology for the discovering of hydrocarbons

Geosat Technology

Geosat Technology Ltd. 2004 was created by DI Michael Mumelte, the head office of the company is is loacated in Berndorf which is close to Vienna, Austria. The Geosat Technology Ltd. is an international service company with a new and innovative technology, which can find hydrocarbon resources based on the evaluation of satellite and geo data. The Geosat method is not restricted to oil and gas exploration but is also applicable to finding other natural resources (such as Diamonds, Gold and other minerals) and even water.

Technological innovation – Remote Sensing

The remote Sensing is a procedure for the gaining of information about the earth’s surface by measurement and interpretation of their outgoing (energy) fields. The multi-spectral illustration of the earth’s surface is reached by non-contact observation over satellite sensors, whereby the reflected or emitted electromagnetic radiation serves as storage medium. Images from remote sensing satellites have been used for geological and environmental mapping since the launch of Landsat 1 in 1972. Today, imagery covering from visible, infrared thermal and microwave section of the electromagnetic spectrum are being used to support exploration and production activities. The Geosat Technology method, which can be applied independently of geographical or political situation on the whole globe will revolutionize the exploration of hydrocarbons.

Why we are different?

The product of the Geosat Technology Ltd. are maps with exact location of hydrocarbon traps. Through our mathematical methods we are able to achieve a very high resolution and detailed description of the geological structure. The principle method of the Geosat Technology is the superimposing of structural lineament analysis, analysis of thermal infrared images and spectral analysis and incorporation of geological, litho logical and if available also geophysical data. A special value gains the Geosat method by the possibility, to detect also other natural resources such as diamond, gold, uranium, etc. as well as the most valuable resources water. The technology could be used for onshore as well as for offshore exploration (shallow water up to maximum water depth of 200 m). The Gesoat Method a cost effective, time-saving and environmental friendly alternative to the conventional exploration methods.

InnoExTM – Innovative Exploration

Using the Geosat method and based on its results the application of further complementary technologies are used to determine accurate drilling points. Microbiological and Geochemical and/or Geo-electrochemical analysis combined well as with Magneto Telluric survey over prospects determined by the Geosat method can define whether it is oil, gas or gas condensate and can also define the top of the reservoirs as well as porosity. Such surveys are rounded up by High Resolution Ground Magnetic (HRGM). The combination of these technologies with the Geosat method is unique and extremely cost and time effective.

Future-oriented market chances

In order to attain a global competitive advantage with this technology, Geosat Technology Ltd. expands their presence in the upcoming years from the head office in Europe to existing branches in North and South America to Asia and Africa. Recently a contract for a large-scale project in Egypt has been signed, further projects in South America are presently discussed. On an oil and gas conference in London in March 2007 (APPEX) it was stated that 55% of the assumed world-wide oil and gas reserves still have not been found yet. The Geosat Technology Ltd. is able to find oil and gas prospects fast, economically much more effectively. Hence, the future potential is enormous.

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