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GeoID / Skyline

GeoID becomes distributor for Skyline products via an agreement with Skyline France.

Skyline software is the leading solution for streaming the 3D digital earth over the internet or an intranet. GeoID is an official reseller for Skyline FranceTM.
Skyline products are composed of three main product lines:
• TerraBuilder fuses large volumes of imagery, elevation and vector data, to create a terrain database with an accurate 3D model of a landscape.
• TerraExplorer is a desktop application that allows users to view and analyze the spatial data, and edit it, adding 2D and 3D information, routes, locations and GIS files. TerraExplorer connects to the terrain database generated by TerraBuilder, and accesses GIS layers directly over a network.
• TerraGate is a server that allows users to access the terrain database over the Internet. TerraGate streams spatial data in real-time, as the user flies over the landscape.
(Credits GeoID)