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Geo-Empower Africa Summit

Mapping the Capacity and Directions of Geospatial Industry in Africa‘s Regional Development. (6-7 October 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Geo-spatial Technologies – One of the world‘s fastest growing industry is playing an influential and progressive role in empowering every industry with Efficiency and sustainability. Post marking 2 successful years of the Geo-Leadership in the Middle East, Fleming Gulf is proud to present its mark in Africa with the Geo-Empower Africa Summit. Africa‘s economic crisis and long term sustainability issues are serving as catalysts to adopt new technologies and tools. There is an increased demand for enhanced decision making and Inventive use of resources for attaining high levels of productivity with maximum efficiency and sustainability. Geo-spatial is empowering nations to fight back and sustain and hence acknowledging the potential and growing need for Geo-spatial Technologies for enhanced decision making process and intelligent use of resources for efficient and sustainable productivity, the GEO- EMPOWER Africa will provide a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, international networking and discussion of Geo-spatial trends, technologies and best practices with users within Africa and across the Globe.

The program will target:
• Bringing together key stakeholders from Geo-spatial service and solution providers, Government organisation, National mapping
organisations, Municipalities, Spatial Research and development centres, Transport Authorities, Industries- Mining, Oil and Gas, Power, Utilities, Telecommunications from the region.
• Understanding participants needs, address their challenges and connect the users to the right technology.
• Assessing the benefits, opportunity and challenges in application of Geo-spatial technologies in the public and private sectors.
• Learning and adopting new Geo-spatial technologies for overall Business efficiency.

Key topics

  • Need and impact of Geo-spatial Technology for Critical business decision making and Sustainable development in Africa
  • Building Capacity for Geo-spatial technologies for the development of the African countries
  • Business benefits using using Geospatial technologies- Maximising
  • Return on Investment, Saving and increased Efficiency & performance
  • Status and and Future of Geo-spatial Technologies
  • Opportunities and Challenges experienced in the path of successful implementation of Geo-spatial mission.
  • Technical Presentations on :- GIS, Mobile mapping, Remote sensing and photogrammetry, Cloud data, LiDAR, Application of Geodesy in Surveying, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) & Autonomous Haulage
  • Special workshop:- Spatial data infrastructure for sustainable development in Africa and LiDAR

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