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GAF AG successfully completes implementation of Geoscientific and Mining Information Centre for Madagascar

GAF AG has completed successfully the main phase of a technical assistance project in establishing the geoscience and mining information centre in Madagascar BPGRM – Base de données pour la Promotion et la Gouvernance des Ressources Minérales – Centre d`Information Géoscientifique et Minière de Madagascar), under the “Projet de Gouvernance des Ressources Minérales” (PGRM).

The works have been performed for the Ministry of Mines & Energy, Antananarivo, Madagascar, and are funded by the World Bank-International Development Association and the Government of Madagascar. The Information Centre has been officially launched by the Ministry of Energy and Mines Sept 29th and is a key achievement for the promotion of the mining sector and the attraction of foreign investment.
Please visit the project website here.
(Source GAF AG)