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GAF AG Celebrates 20-year Anniversary

In October 2005, GAF AG celebrates its 20-year anniversary.

GAF AG, headquartered in Munich, was founded in 1985 as the
Gesellschaft für Angewandte Fernerkundung mbH (GAF) by Dr. Rupert
Haydn, together with Agrar- und Hydrotechnik GmbH (AHT), Essen, and the
JBK Management Company of the Wittelbacher Equalization Fund in Munich.
The idea behind the company was to offer services in the business
segment of earth observation using satellite data, a completely new
field at that time. Over time, this core competence was developed and
expanded with the development of new market applications in the areas
of system technology and geo-information. The conversion into GAF AG, a
stock corporation, took place in 2001 and the shares held by AHT and
JBK were acquired by the Italian company Telespazio in 2003.
Today, GAF is a consulting company that is
globally active with an international reputation as a competent
provider of project conception, management and implementation services
to private and public clients. Under the leadership of Dr. Haydn, who
has directed the company since its establishment, GAF AG has set new
standards in quality, competence and reliability, while simultaneously
developing a high-performance, multi-disciplinary range of products and
The growth in the number of employees also
impressively confirms the success story of the company, which started
with a team of just 5. GAF AG currently employs more than 80 highly
qualified experts in the fields of information and remote sensing
technologies, covering a wide-range of multi-disciplinary thematic
backgrounds relating to earth sciences. This broad range of skills and
expert knowledge positions GAF AG as the absolute leader in competence
in its market segment.
The GAF AG goal is always to develop
products and services that exactly match the needs of the customers and
the market, and that exceed the expectations of users and recipients.
Today, the firm is proud of its developments and solutions, which
guarantee its customers customized and often unrivalled products, and
which therefore also document the technological leadership of the
Core competencies of GAF AG:
# Distribution of satellite data: GAF is Europe‘s leading
supplier of satellite data and products and services based on such
data. Based on distribution agreements with all significant satellite
operators, GAF, and its subsidiary Euromap, offer the complete spectrum
of satellite data available in the civilian sector.
# Set up and management of spatial information systems
(geographic information systems – GIS, land information systems – LIS)
for a very diverse range of application fields
# Project conception and project management in the areas of data acquisition and spatial data processing and analysis
# Operational geodata processing
# Institutional consultation and expert training
# User specific software design and development, along with complete system integration
# Production of tailored mapping products
# Virtual reality and multimedia
# Research and development in the areas of GIS, databases and digital image processing
International consulting
important department is Consulting Services, which covers the planning,
implementation and management of complex projects based on GIS and
remote sensing in a range of fields at national and international
levels, such as environmental issues, geology and water, agriculture,
forestry, cadastre and infrastructure support.
From the start, GAF AG has been an
internationally active company with a global network. It has project
references in more than 60 countries spread across every continents.
The GAF customer portfolio includes
clients from commercial companies, public institutions, government
departments and supranational organizations. Examples of clients are
telecommunication companies, raw material firms, international
financial organizations such as the World Bank, Inter-American
Development Bank and kfW, as well as the European Union, ESA (European
Space Agency) and UNDP.
Euromap: satellite data and services for Europe (
Euromap Satellitendaten-Vertriebsgesellschaft
mbH is a fully owned subsidiary of GAF AG; it was founded in 1996 with
the goal of receiving, processing and distributing data from the Indian
satellites IRS- 1C, IRS- 1D and IRS-P6 (Resourcesat-1). The German
Aerospace Center (DLR) has taken over reception of the data with its
state-of-the-art antenna systems in Neustrelitz
(Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and, in order to guarantee that customers are
supported in a timely and efficient manner, Neustrelitz was selected as
the ideal place for the Euromap headquarters. Today, Euromap works from
Neustrelitz on behalf of GAF AG to provide the German market with data
from almost all commercially available earth observation satellites.
’Euro-Maps’ is a product developed
by Euromap GmbH and is based on IRS satellite data. It is currently the
only available high-resolution satellite mosaic on the market that
provides blanket nationwide coverage and that provides such a high
quality and up-to-date and precise foundation for planning. The latest
IRS-P6 data is always processed for the Euro-Maps mosaics. The high
resolution (5 meters on the ground) and the high positional accuracy
(RMSE 10 – 15 m) of the image data, combined with its homogenous
structure, form an excellent foundation for the most diverse planning
and mapping assignments, down to a scale of 1:20,000. The Euro-Maps
image data is available for wide portions of Europe and is already
being successfully used for a very wide range of tasks.
(Credits GAF AG)