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GAF to implement its eMC+ electronic Mining Cadastre in Niger

(Munich, October 31, 2016) GAF AG is pleased to announce the award of a contract to support the Ministry of Mines and Industry in Niamey in establishing a new computerised mining cadastre and registry system in Niger.

The overall project objective is to improve governance in the mining sector by establishing a modern, web-based system for granting and managing mineral rights. The efficient, transparent, and reliable administration of such titles is a key factor in increasing growth and investment in the mining sector in Niger.

In practical terms, the project aims to:

  • Improve the performance and transparency of mineral rights management, in accordance with the Mining Code and its implementation regulations as well as other legislation and regulations in Niger.
  • Carry out the design, architectural specification and implementation of a centralised database for the mining cadastre.
  • Provide effective and user-friendly software for managing the cadastral information.
  • Provide capacity building with regard to the management of mineral rights.

The rollout of the eMC+ cadastre solution will increase the institutional capacity and efficiency of the ministry by providing comprehensive mineral tenure management. The contract has a duration of four months and is embedded in the “PROJET D’APPUI A LA COMPETITIVITE ET A LA CROISSANCE (PRACC)”, which is being funded by the World Bank (IDA). GAF has more than 20 years of worldwide experience in the institutional and technical establishment and reorganisation of mining cadastre authorities. This includes the provision of associated consultancy services and customised software solutions.

About eMC+

eMC+ is GAF’s framework of choice for providing mining cadastre authorities worldwide with a complete package of services for the management of mineral titles. The software platform is web-based and its responsive design supports a wide variety of devices, including mobile appliances. It is based on FOSS (free and open-source software), which ensures that no additional costs are incurred for third party licenses and associated maintenance. Thus, the total cost of ownership is fully transparent and there is no vendor lock-in.

About GAF

GAF AG is a leading solutions-provider with an international reputation for the skilled provision of data, products and services in the fields of geo-information, spatial IT and consulting for private and public clients. Over the past 30 years, the company has been active in more than 1000 projects in over 100 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The company is part of the Telespazio Group, which belongs to Leonardo and Thales, two European technology leaders. GAF is currently performing mining governance and consulting projects in Burkina Faso, Morocco, Sudan, Gabon, Malawi, Mongolia, and Tajikistan.

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