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GAF established computerised mining cadastre (eMC+) in the Republic of Tajikistan

The overall project objective aims at improving the governance in the mining sector by establishing a transparent system for granting and managing mineral permits. The efficient and reliable administration of such titles is considered to be a key factor in increasing investment and growth in the Republic of Tajikistan’s mining sector. The project was embedded in the “Private Sector Competitiveness Project” financed by World Bank.

Based on its 20 years experience in designing and implementing mineral cadastre systems for jurisdictions across the globe, GAF successfully completed the implementation of a modern computerized mining cadastre in the Republic of Tajikistan. In practical terms, the project involves implementing a rule-based, computerised management system with GIS functionality that caters for the entire life cycle of mineral titles.

Following a thorough analysis of the administrative preconditions, the mineral law and the regulatory framework, the GAF team has established cadastral procedures following international best practice. Based on this achievement, a suitable open source computerized platform has been designed, developed and implemented enabling the transparent management of licenses and tender processes. The whole implementation was accompanied by intensive institutional and technical capacity building activities within the cadastral organisation.

Thus, Tajikistan is now on a good way to attract its mining sector for international investors and to make better use of its impressing suite on mineral resources by transformation of the raw material wealth into a continuous and constant source of income for the government and the society.

The photo shows the Main Department of Geology