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Future geospatial business opportunities

(Harsha Vardhan | MAR 28, 2016) Geospatial business have identified 7 potential areas, where the geospatial industry would actively work in the future, where the business and job market would be. Please note that these are very boarder figures, taken from various published reports.

All this is available under page 4 of the Geospatial World Forum 2016 brochure, and ‘Where is the Money?’ is the key topic under discussion in the plenary sessions at Geospatial World Forum 2016.

7 key areas for geospatial business

Here are the 7 key areas, where there is a potential of geospatial business right from IoT for Smart Cities, to Big Data; Indoor & Mobile Mapping to Analytics.

Prospect areas for geospatial business Overview of business potential
Smart Cities & Internet of Things (IoT) IoT deployments will create $421 billion in economic value for cities worldwide
Big Data Analytics Worldwide big data technology and services market to grow to $48.6 billion in 2019
Mobile Sensors & Mapping The mobile mapping market size is estimated to grow to $26.6 billion by 2020
Indoor Positioning & Mapping By 2018, around $10 billion in spending to be touched or directly affected by indoor location. Global indoor location market is predicted to grow to $4.4 billion by 2019
Cloud Computing Global cloud computing services market to reach $127 billion by 2017
Open Data Globally, seven sectors alone could generate $3 trillion to $5 trillion a year in additional value as a result of open data For the period 2016-2020, the direct market size for open data in Europe is estimated at €325 billion
Location Based Services By 2019, over 7 billion GNSS devices will be in use. Location based services market to grow 8.3% annually

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