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Fugro NPA Limited

… specialise in extracting useful information from satellite imagery and operate globally in a range of sectors, primarily Oil, Gas and mineral Exploration, Environment, Risk Management and Civil Engineering…

Company profile

Fugro NPA Limited (FNPA) was established in 1972 as Nigel Press Associates and was acquired by the Fugro Group in April 2008.

FNPA has over 35 years of world leading expertise and independent experience in Earth observation, remote sensing and digital cartographic information. Supported by highly skilled staff, FNPA has four specialist teams covering: Imagery and Data services (IDS), InSAR Surveying, Offshore Services and Onshore Exploration. Comprehensive services include satellite data acquisition and image processing, through to interpretation, validation and production of derived maps and reports. FNPA specialise in extracting useful information from satellite imagery and operate globally in a range of sectors, primarily Oil, Gas and mineral Exploration, Environment, Risk Management and Civil Engineering.

Landsat ETM+ Image of Guangzhou, China © USGS

Fugro Group

Fugro has over 13,000 staff permanently stationed in over 50 countries worldwide. Organisationally, Fugro is the world’s pre-eminent group of companies supplying information about the Earth’s near surface. Services are grouped into three major divisions: Geotechnical Services (onshore, nearshore and offshore), Survey Services (offshore and geospatial), and Geoscience Services (development production, marine surveys, and airborne surveys). Fugro gather information on soils and rocks for the oil, mining, survey and construction sectors, using advanced technologies, many of which have been developed in-house. Locations of Fugro operating companies © Fugro

Imagery and Data Services (IDS)

FNPA process, interpret and distribute a wide range of optical and radar imagery from high to medium resolution. Processes such as orthorectification, image filtering, re-projection and seamless colour-balanced mosaicing form the basis of any satellite data processing. IDS also perform further value-adding through the application of image processing techniques including: data corrections & enhancements, manual or automatic classifications, image interpretation, stereo elevation data generation, elevation modelling & analysis, hyperspectral processing. Visualisation 3D of Highland Perthshire, Scotland, UK© Fugro NPA Ltd

InSAR Surveying

FNPA’s InSAR Surveying team has over 15 years experience in the development and practical application of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) techniques for mapping and monitoring ground and structure stability for a range of applications, including: tunnel settlement, groundwater recharge, urban subsidence, slope stability and seismic deformation. InSAR is capable of remotely mapping millimetres to metres of surface deformation spanning months, years and even decades, over 1000s of km2 for sites across the world.
Historical ground motion across Newcastle, UK 1992 to 2002 using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI). Red – subsiding Green -stable Blue – uplift © Fugro NPA Ltd

Offshore Services

Satellite radar image of the Prestige Oil spill off Spain. © ESA> Amongst its services FNPA’s Offshore team has been mapping oil seepage slicks on the sea surface using satellite radar data since 1991. FNPA holds an extensive archive of offshore oil seepage, produced as part of its world leading Global Offshore Seepage Database (GOSD). This has involved the screening of over 500,000 radar acquisitions against global weather databases to identify scenes (primarily from ERS-1 & 2, Envisat and Radarsat-1) that fall within strict weather compliance parameters.

Onshore Exploration

For several decades FNPA’s Onshore Exploration team supplied innovative and bespoke geological mapping solutions mainly to hydrocarbon, mining and extractive industries. FNPA provide exploration companies with structural, stratigraphic and geomorphological analyses where Digital Elevation models (DEMs) are particualrly useful as they can be combined with other ancillary data and aid in the build up of 2D or 3D models of structural and stratigrpahic relationships. In addition the use of very high resolution imagery and more recently hyperspectral analyses provide further advantage to detailed mapping of structure and mineralogy.

Extract from Kurdistan-wide geological mapping, 2008 Inset: Geological cross section. Structural geological interpretation and derived cross section © Fugro NPA Ltd.

Contact Details
Fugro NPA Limited
Address: Crockham Park, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6SR
Phone: +44 01732 865023
Fax: +44 01732 866521
Key contacts: Nigel Press, David Morten
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