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Forest Monitoring Inputs for National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting – Polish Service Case 2009 / 2010

Polish forests cover almost 30 % of the country’s area, which is over 90 thousand sq km. State forests constitute about 78.2 % of the total forest area.

Private forests belong mainly to the individuals. Thanks to the project GSE FM Polish forest administration got an overview of both state and private forest. The project is a support to National UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol Reporting on Land Use (LU)/Land Use Change Forestry (LUCF) Activities.

GEOSYSTEMS Polska Ltd provided the pilot project in 2005 for two Polish forest districts. In March 2009 the company joined the GSE FM project at the implementation phase. The provided products of this service case include: ortho mosaics 1990 and 2006, a forest area map 1990, a forest type map 2006 (s. Fig. 1) and forest area change map 1990 / 2006. All products were elaborated for the entire Poland and are compliant with GSE FM Portfolio specifications. The generation of forest are map comprises archived Landsat TM-5 dataset around year 1990. The forest type map 2006 is derived from the Image 2006 data (SPOT-4 and 5 HRG as well as IRS-P6 LISS III). The maps have been validated by interpretation on aerial photographs for 1990 and on National Forest Inventory for 2006. In order to generate National Volume, Biomass and Carbon Statistics GEOSYSTEMS Polska cooperated with an commercial company Taxus SI Ltd from Warsaw. The Taxus prepared the data from the National Forest Inventory (The State Forests IT System) and Large Area Forest Inventory Fig. 1 Forest Type Map 2006 , Poland.

After a preparation of data biomass and carbon were calculated basing on IPCC factors. The end-users of the Polish forest case are: Ministry of Environment, Poland – Department of Climate Change and Atmosphere Protection as well as General Directorate of Environmental Protection within the frame of the project, a training concerning the GSE FM project is planned and is going to be held in a few weeks. In the future map products of GSE FM can be updated and improved by using very high resolution data.

The map products of Polish GSE FM are located in a geoportal hosted by GEOSYSTEMS on the home page. The service, featuring Web Map Service and Web Coverage Service of ERDAS APOLLO 2010, enables a displaying of data for an area indicated in the web browser. Moreover the project enables both the downloading of data for a selected area, as well as seeing attributes for a chosen layer (s. Fig. 2).

Fig.2 GSE FM service catalogue

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