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FINANCE Space (Finance Innovation Network Addressing New Commercial Enterprise using Space) is a project executed in cooperation with the European Commission.

The goal of the FINANCE Space project is to increase investment activity in innovative space companies and projects across Europe that aim to commercialise space technology to non-space applications and services across Europe so that more space innovations will receive funding through an increasing number of active and potential investments in the space sector.
This will be done by encouraging and facilitating linkages between European space sector funding sources and innovative enterprises through an extensive research, data collection and dissemination project.
FINANCE Space is part of Europe INNOVA, which is an initiative for innovation professionals supported by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme. In acting as the focal point for innovation networking in Europe, Europe INNOVA aspires to inform, assist, mobilise and network the key stakeholders in the field of entrepreneurial innovation, including firm managers, policy makers, cluster managers, investors and relevant associations.
(Source ESA)