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Filling the Landsat-5 gap: DMCii in Position Magazine

Until recently, the United States’ Landsat-5 satellite was a key source of medium-resolution data for the Australian government, available through Geoscience Australia. That is, until imaging from the long depended upon satellite was suspended in 2011, and decommissioned in January 2013.

The Landsat-8 mission wasn’t launched until February 2013, and wasn’t fully operational until the end of May, leaving a period of two years where only Landsat-7 was able to collect imagery.

To address the shortfall in access to medium-resolution data between the loss of Landsat-5, and the launch of Landsat-8, Geoscience Australia has acquired large regional coverage of UK-DMC2 satellite imagery from DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii)…

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