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Fighting climate change

(Tuesday, 12 April 2016) Mr Luigi Pasquali (CEO of Telespazio) will partecipate at “Fighting climate change: Sharing Italy’s innovative Technologies”

Pasquali will present Finmeccanica and e-GEOS satellite capabilties and practical examples of how Italian technologies seek to address and prevent the effects of climate change.

The goal of these technologies is to:

  • Protect islands and coastlines from the rising levels of the seas and oceans;
  • Use satellite imagery to track and monitor the impact of climate change (desertification, floods, pollution, rising sea levels, natural catastrophes, melting of glaciers);
  • Protect and monitor marine areas through the use of robotic fish schools;
  • Produce energy from clean and renewable sources (solar and marine), so as to no longer depend on polluting energy sources;
  • Monitor sea levels to prevent flooding and inundations.

View the program and concept note of the conference.