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Factsheets: a tailor-made guide for Copernicus entrepreneurs

Finance is the fuel that allows business ideas to grow. Entrepreneurs need funds to turn great ideas into great products and services that add value to the society. A brand-new resource is made available by the European Commission for those businesses – detailed factsheets that help navigate the financial opportunities available. The factsheets are tailored for the Copernicus ecosystem and encompass financing for start-ups from the idea stage to commercialisation, up to expansion.

When starting your own business venture, there are a few things that need to be just right: the right idea, that is feasible and has a prospective market; the right time, as some innovations fade away just because they were ahead of their times; and the right people, a complementary team that will make this idea come true. And of course money. While there are many opinions on what a good idea is, or how one should recruit a dream-team, every entrepreneur will agree that finding money is difficult and time consuming.

To help start-ups and scale-ups with gathering funding, the European Commission developed brand new factsheets that help navigate the financial opportunities that the European Union provides. No matter what stage of your entrepreneurship journey you are at – there are instruments available. You will not need to read through hundreds of pages of documentation – this is your shortcut to understanding the available financing options and how to apply for them. Moreover, this material is tailored to the Copernicus ecosystem. The European Commission wants to make sure that the entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the full, free and open access to Copernicus Sentinel data and services will benefit from the tools available.

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