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Fabio Rocca has received the Chinese Government international sci-tech cooperation awards 2014

(January 2014) BEIJING – Fabio Rocca, along with seven other foreign scientists, was honored by the Chinese Government as part of the international sci-tech cooperation awards ceremony, held in Beijing on January 10th.

Fabio Rocca, emeritus professor of digital signal processing at the Politecnico di Milano and President of TRE, and the other seven experts from German, the US, Russia and Canada, were given the awards at a high-level ceremony held annually to honor distinguished scientists and research achievements. Specifically Fabio Rocca has established a China-European cooperation on Earth Observation since 2004.

Top Chinese leaders, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, attended the ceremony.

Vice Premier Liu Yandong met with six of the eight award winners after the ceremony, congratulating them and promising that China will enhance international sci-tech cooperation and create a better environment for foreign scientists’ work in China.

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