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Extreme events managed from space : climate refugees

Organisations such as the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) or the Red Cross are in the front line and need the most efficient way of deploying emergency resources.

NOVACOM SERVICES, a CLS subsidiary, geolocates the vehicles of organisations working in the front line to save lives. Jean Muller, in charge of humanitarian applications at NOVACOM SERVICES explains: «The trust which these organisations have placed in NOVACOM SERVICES enables close cooperation in the field through the Humanav Next project that is consolidating and legitimising our involvement in the humanitarian world.»

By helping the victims of these disasters through its solutions, CLS and its subsidiary are indispensable players wherever extreme climate situations occur. NOVACOM SERVICES, equips more than 1500 humanitarian vehicles in the world.

Humanav solution by NOVACOM Services