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Eurospace is pleased to announce the release of Space Trends 2015 edition.

This is the 4th edition in the series.
Space Trends is the authoritative assessment of global space activity, with over 80 graphs and tables and the complete launch log of the year.

Staying true to our commitment to continuously improve our database system to enhance the assessment and analysis capabilities it provides, this year we have introduced all spacecraft launched since 1957. This has allowed us to provide a broad historic overview from the beginning of the space age to 2014.
We have furthered the contents of previous years, with the assessment of market situations from the supply and demand perspective in all market segments: institutional and commercial.

As a result this year we have included a total of 87 charts in the report (+21%). And as usual we provide our complete launch log at the end of the report: the full list of programmes we have included in the database in 2014, to give our readers the full visibility on our contents.

The report is available for purchase here
Single user licence is 149 Euro.