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EUROSENSE makes damage assessment of critical infrastructures hit by the earthquake in Concepción, Chile.

On 27 February 2010, at 3:40 local time, the earth quaked in Chile with a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located at 115 kilometer north from the city of Concepción. The number of victims counted is already more than 800, an estimated two million people are homeless.

EUROSENSE produced in the week after the disaster a pre-and post-event analysis of 2 water treatment plants and 1 oil refinery located in one of the areas that was hit the hardest, Concepción. This production was done on the basis of satellite images and open-source information, within the framework of the G-MOSAIC project (GMES services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for Regional Crises) of which EUROSENSE is part. The G-MOSAIC project is funded by the European Commission and the earth observation industry.

The ‘Rapid mapping service’ from G-MOSAIC, led by the European Union Satellite Center (EUSC), was activated on 28 February by the United Nations for the production of maps and data in support of the emergency workers in the field.

In 2009, EUROSENSE produced already a detailed Urban Atlas of Concepción and the surrounding area for the JAGUAR-project, in assignment of INDRA and funded by ESA (European Space Agency). These results were made available immediately.

EUROSENSE is part of the ‘Critical Assets Monitoring Service’ team in G-MOSAIC, which is lead by the Spanish EO company GMV. On Tuesday 02 March at 18.00, EUROSENSE was asked by EUSC to analyze the damage of 2 water treatment plants and 1 oil refinery. Accordingly, the main components of these critical assets were identified and the damage analyzed.

Based on the pre-event analysis, the available post-event imagery and the available open source information, vector files and digital maps were produced. All the collected information was summarized in a briefing report that describes the potential damage and impact of the damage.

All the products were delivered by Friday 05 March at 12.00 h and are available via the links below.

Figure 1: Post-event damage assessment of the ENAP refinery in Talcahuon, Chile. The symbols indicate the potential damage. The satellite in the background is taken before the earthquake: World View-2, 27.01.2010, 50 cm resolution (© DigitalGlobe, Inc.. 2010, provided by e-GEOS SpA under GSC-DA).

Figure 2: Pre-event analysis of Water Treatment Plant “La Mochita” in Concepción. The main components and their functions were identified. The satellite in the background predates the earthquake: Quick Bird, 03/01/2008, 70 cm resolution (© DigitalGlobe, Inc.. 2008).




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