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EUROSENSE is selected by Dutch Space Office NSO for a research project “KWALUST” on air quality modelling using 3D city models.

EUROSENSE (in cooperation with the Dutch company Hermess) was selected to execute a research project on air quality modelling in cities using detailed 3D city models.

The purpose of the study is to find the right balance between production time of the 3D model based on recent satellite data (e.g. Sentinel)and the best quality that can be handled by the actual air quality models, without losing the necessary details that influence the dispersion of polluted air in a 3D city environment.

EUROSENSE as a specialist in 3D city models and Hermess as a company with a large experience in air quality models are very pleased with this promising cooperation. If successful, this project could result in the set-up of a world-wide service.