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EUROSENSE helps the city of Antwerp (Belgium) for the 2nd time in fighting climate change!

For the 2nd time in 6 years, EUROSENSE acquired recently several thousands of thermal images covering the city of Antwerp and some neighboring municipalities. Similar to 2009, these images will be processed into a thermographic map focusing on heat losses through roofs. An easy-to-use interpretation key with corresponding legends, established by means of volunteer measurements on the ground, will help the citizens to check the status of the roof insulation quality of their building. The city actively will use the map to sensitize its citizens about efficient energy use, reducing CO2 exhaust and the fight against climate change.

In the month of February 2016, EUROSENSE acquired several thousands of thermal images covering the city of Antwerp and some neighboring municipalities. The flights, executed during cold and clear winter nights, were executed upon request of the city of Antwerp and aim to identify the heat losses occurring through the roofs of the buildings. Simultaneously with the flights, several hundreds of volunteers measured the temperature in the rooms under the roof. Afterwards they submitted their measurements, together with other information about their roof, via an online form and hereby provided EUROSENSE with ground truth data. In the coming weeks EUROSENSE will process the thermal images into a homogeneous thermographic map and elaborate an easy-to-use interpretation key and corresponding legends. The city of Antwerp will integrate the map and the interpretation key into an updated version of the website Through this website, citizens can consult the thermographic map and interpret the colors on the map in terms of roof insulation quality. They furthermore will also find more information about the different types of support which can be obtained when investing in a new roof insulation.

In 2009, EUROSENSE created a similar thermographic map for the city of Antwerp and 20 surrounding municipalities (currently still consultable through Seen the large success of this sensitization campaign, the city of Antwerp launched a procedure for an update which was won by EUROSENSE. This time 6 neighboring municipalities decided to participate to the project. In comparison with 2009, the acquired thermal data now has a resolution of 50cm instead of 1m allowing to see much more details on the roofs.

EUROSENSE has a large and long-lasting experience in aerial thermography with a long list of projects in Belgium (image at the left: extract from Leuven, BE), Germany, The Netherlands, GD of Luxembourg and France. Our global approach with a high number of volunteer measurements and a specific interpretation key, designed for the rendering of the thermal values in terms of roof insulation quality, is unique in Europe, and probably even in the world.

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