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EUROSENSE finalizes first municipalities with updated GRB

(Winter 2013). After almost a decade during which EUROSENSE was involved in the creation of a large scale base map (GRB or “Grootschalig Referentie Bestand) of almost 70 Flemish municipalities, the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) awarded EUROSENSE with a project to update the large scale base map of all the municipalities in the provinces of Oost-Vlaanderen and Antwerp (135 in total) over a period of 3 years.

The update takes place in the so-called “inner terrain”, which corresponds to the area which is not accessible to land surveyors and for which photogrammetric mapping thus needs to be applied. The update process is steered by means of “anomalies”, i.e. place where changes occurred, detected by the AGIV.

After a start-up period over the summer of 2013, EUROSENSE has established a clear workflow and adapted tools in order to deliver according to the GRB-specifications. The first municipalities were delivered to AGIV at the beginning of September, as foreseen in the strict time schedule. In the meanwhile, EUROSENSE received the approvals of the first municipalities. The first of a lot to come!