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European Interparliamentary Space Conference

The European Interparliamentary Space Conference was established in 1999 as a permanent forum for cooperation between the European national parliaments.

It aims to develop a continuing dialogue on space policy issues and support national governments and European institutions in their efforts to achieve a common European Space Policy for the maximum benefit of Europe‘s citizens.
Every year a conference is held in order to discuss issues relating to space exploration and utilisation. Apart from the members of national parliamentary space groups, representatives of the European Commission, the European Space Agency, national space agencies, industry and observers from other space-faring countries also participate in the conferences.
The EISC encourages closer cooperation between the European Commission, the European Space Agency, the member states of ESA and the European Union, national space agencies and experts from science and industry, with the aim of creating a permanent and effective mechanism for implementing and maintaining a true European space strategy.
The Assembly of WEU, Europe’s only interparliamentary security and defence assembly, was founded in 1954 when the 1948 Brussels Treaty was modified. It held its first session in 1955. The Treaty contains an unconditional mutual defence clause (Article V) and provides an organic link to NATO (Article IV). It also established the Assembly, to which some 40 countries send their parliamentary representatives.
These include all the EU member states and the European NATO countries as well as Russia, Ukraine and all the Balkan states. The Assembly scrutinises European intergovernmental activities in all areas of security and defence, including armaments cooperation. Following the transfer of WEU’s operational activities to the EU, the Assembly also serves as the interparliamentary platform for the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) on the basis of the parliamentary instruments for which the WEU legal framework makes provision.
(Source ESA)