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European Copernicus Incubation Programme grants €50.000 to startups

now launching Round 3 of the Copernicus Incubation Programme that supports European entrepreneurs and start-ups. Winning start-ups will receive up to 50,000 EUR – equity free – for their project working with Copernicus data and services, whether it be the early incubation of a working product or in the phase leading up to launch. Some results from Round 2

Requirements and conditions

- Start-ups receive up to 50,000 EUR and up to 85% of the total costs described in their application to the programme.
- Co-funding is required for at least 15% of the total costs. Any co-funding source is eligible, such as business angels, subsidy programmes, investors, another incubation programme or the start-up itself- The funding covers costs up to 1 year.
- Selected start-ups receive 50% of the total grant as pre-financing.
- Lead time for the incubation support is approximately 4 weeks after the announcement of selection results.

Who can apply?

You are either a start-up or a team of entrepreneurs with a maximum of five years of operational history since the registration of your business. You may be at the early incubation stage or preparing for launch and scaling. Applicants should set up a company in in any EU28 country, Iceland or Norway before receiving any funding from the programme (but not necessarily before applying)

This programme is meant for joint applications – The start-up is required to apply together with a support programme that agrees to incubate the start-up if it receives the funding. The start-up remains the lead applicant and sole beneficiary of the funding.

The next submission deadline is 16th of November 2018.

Apply at

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