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Europe 2020: Commission proposes new economic strategy

The European Commission has launched the Europe 2020 Strategy to go out of the crisis and prepare EU economy for the next decade.

You’ll find here in attachment the press release, the proposal of the EC and the timeline for implementation.

Note especially in the EC proposal, on p.15, under Flagship Initiative: “An industrial policy for the globalisation era”:

“To develop an effective space policy to provide the tools to address some of the key global challenges and in particular to deliver Galileo and GMES;”

In its document “public consultation – overview of responses”, the EC notes that “Many contributors highlight that Europe needs a strong industrial basis and an ambitious, future-oriented industrial policy and support an integrated industrial policy in the framework of Europe 2020. They stress that industrial policies should aim at improving framework conditions in general. Other contributors underline the need to launch large structuring, federating pan-European programmes, in particular in the aeronautics, security and space sectors […]”

COMPLET EN BARROSO 007 – Europe 2020 – EN version.pdf



(Source Eurospace)