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Eurobarometer survey about the European perception of climate change

On 2 December 2009 Eurobarometer published a special report on Europeans’ attitudes towards climate change. Based on in-depth thematical studies carried out for DG Communication of the European Commission, the main conclusions are that Europeans remain concerned about climate change and believe that fighting it can boost economic growth in the EU.

Concretely, the survey mapped the opinion of Europeans on a range of climate change related topics, including:

  • Perceptions of climate change in relation to other world problems;
  • Perceptions of the seriousness of climate change;
  • Perceptions about the actions of local, national governments as well as the EU in combating climate change;
  • Attitudes towards alternative fuels and CO2 emissions;
  • Is climate change stoppable or exaggerated, and what impact it has on the European economy;
  • Personal action to fight climate change;
  • Perceived relative importance of the economy and the environment;
  • Willingness to pay more for greener energy.

Among key findings are the facts that a majority of respondents consider climate change as a very serious problem, while almost a half of them feels it is the second most serious problem facing the world today.

Moreover, most of Europeans believe climate change is not unstoppable but the efforts made at all level (including at EU level) for fighting it are not seen to be enough.

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The full report can be found at Europa.EU