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Eurisy User Study: Successful Experiences in Using Satellite Services

What are the determining factors that make an end-user’s experience a success story? Who are the pioneering users of satellite information and services? What are their characteristics in terms of areas of activity, needs and responsibilities, organisational structures, resources and personal attributes?

These are the questions Eurisy has begun to analyse in depth since June 2010. The peer-to-peer exchange of pioneering end-users’ successful experiences of implementing and using a satellite service (good practices) is a core tool in Eurisy’s support initiatives. The arrival of a new member of staff, Stefanie Reetz, has provided the resource to systematically catalogue and further investigate good practices throughout Europe.

Alongside the cataloguing of good practices across professional end-user communities (local and regional authorities, small and medium sized enterprises and end-users in the European neighbourhood) and satellite service segments (satellite communication, satellite navigation and earth observation), the analysis is based on intensive field visits with operational end-users of satellite services. These field visits aim to better understand a user’s work environment with its demands, constraints and resources, to retrace the emergence and definition of their needs and the identification of a satellite service as the appropriate solution. They also focus on the interaction with the service provider(s), the process of implementing the satellite service into their organisational structure and all the obstacles the user may have encountered and overcome.

The results of this work will contribute to Eurisy’s activities in a number of ways: the publication of a Handbook of Good Practices designed to catalogue and showcase user experiences that illustrate the benefits of satellite services, the identification of models of implementation of satellite services as well as a typology of users. These insights will enrich the support Eurisy provides to potential end-users, help provide further feedback to decision-makers on how to best support these users and contribute to better facilitate the diffusion of satellite information and services.