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EURISY, Newsletter 71, March 2015

Eurisy has been working with public authorities since the start of its User Programme, in 2007. Based on this work, we built the largest database of operational good practice examples in Europe. It is a collection of testimonials from public authorities and SMEs who use satellite services routinely. Over 100 examples are available online to inspire potential end-users to follow suit.

In January 2015, Eurisy took this research one step further by publishing a report analysing detailed information on the benefits, obstacles and lessons learned from 10 use cases.

In the upcoming months, this analysis will be extended via an online survey, currently available in nine languages. You are kindly invited to fill in the survey and to promote it!

In the meantime, Eurisy also continues to raise awareness and accompany potential users with many events and activities around Europe.

Find out more details in this newsletter, on our website and on our social media channels!

Stefaan De Mey, Eurisy Secretary General