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Eurimage: WorldView-1 successfully launched September 18

WorldView-1 successfully separated from its launch vehicle and automatically initialized its onboard processors.

Galleries of launch and satellite assembly imagery from DigitalGlobeā„¢ – video and photos of the launch from Boeing.

The spacecraft’s Control Moment Gyros (CMG) have been powered up and are now running at the full operational speed. The solar arrays have been deployed and are fully operational, narrowband and wideband downlinks are fully functional and the sensor is currently going through its initialization and calibration, and is progressing on schedule.The first imagery from WorldView-1 is expected to be available prior to October 18, the six-year anniversary of the launch of QuickBird.

DigitalGlobe’s panchromatic WorldView-1 will offer the highest-available resolution for a commercial satellite (50 cm), together with industry-leading geolocation accuracy, imaging capacity, agility and revisit.