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EU ramps up budget for disaster preparedness

Millions of people from the world’s most vulnerable and poorest communities will benefit from new disaster preparedness programmes funded from the European Commission’s Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO).

This year € 35 million has been allocated to improve the capacities of the communities at risk from natural disasters. The funds will go to the following regions particularly vulnerable to natural disasters: € 10 million to Central America, €11 million to South East Asia, €8 million to Central Asia and the Caucasus region and € 6 million in Southern Africa.

The DIPECHO programme seeks to limit the negative impact of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, droughts, landslides, earthquakes and cyclones, tidal waves/tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, flash floods, forest fires, cold waves and storms by strengthening the response capacity of local communities and national authorities. The projects can include reinforcing infrastructure, training, awareness-raising, establishing or improving local early-warning systems and contingency-planning.

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