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ESYS wins ESA Governance Study

The European Space Agency has awarded ESYS a contract to study the impact of various scenarios for future ESA governance.

ESYS wins a contract to study scenarios for future ESA governance.
ESA was created in 1975, as an intergovernmental organisation having no legal or organic link with the then-called European Communities. The two institutions have continued to lead separate lives, each having its own Member States, and its own legal texts. However, over the last few years, the relation between ESA and the European Union (EU), in particular the European Commission has intensified and become closer.
A study is being conducted by the European Commission into the impact of the European Space Policy, using a number of specific scenarios for how ESA governance might evolve. The general objective of the current contract with ESYS is to perform a detailed assessment of how these scenarios, might impact the Agency’s role and operations. In particular the study will examine the Agency’s overall functioning (especially its financial operations), its decision making processes and its industrial policy. The legal dimension, such as the ESA Convention and the ESA/EU Framework Agreement, is also an important aspect to be considered.
ESYS is prime contractor for the study, and is teamed with Euroconsult of Paris, and the Institute of Air and Space Law, University of Cologne.
Mike Dillon, ESYS CEO, comments: “This is the most important strategic question facing the space sector in Europe today. ESYS, together with our teaming partners, feel privileged to be entrusted with such an important assignment at this time of great change for the European space community.”
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